5 Top Activewear Brands For Men


Everyone knows exercising doesn't begin and end with simply getting out there and doing it. If you want to be serious about exercise being a big part of your life, you've got to commit, which in this case means getting the right gear for the job.

Sure it's easy to grab whatever article of clothing you care least about getting sweaty in, but nothing quite gets you into the grove like being dressed for the occasion. Activewear these days come in all varieties of benefitting technologies, to give your body the edge you need to feel great and look even better out there.

Here at activeman, we're committed to making sure you not only look your best, but feel your best when you're training for that 5K you agreed to but haven't trained for just around the corner, so I've compiled a list of amazing sports wear you can't afford to ignore. Let's start with the obvious:


Perhaps a newer brand, but every bit as essential brand, FITLEGEND started in New York City, home of the fashionably functional. Built from the ground up for the modern physical man's varied work out life, FITLEGEND supports strategies from bodybuilding,to crossfit, to yoga.

The whole point at FITLEGEND was to launch a fitness wear label that would make high grade active gear available at a fair price, with innovation and casual wear at the forefront. The idea is to be able to bring the style in and out of the gym seamlessly, and really, who doesn't need a brand like that in their closet?




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