Having good clothes for yoga is one of the keys to be able to practice this sport in good conditions. Only then will you be able to perform all body movements and gestures, with freedom and safety. That's why we decided to dedicate a post of this blog to the most appropriate garments in this regard: how they should be, what they are and what other accessories you will need.

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Hopefully, you can get comfortable using this FITLEGEND athleisure brand. And you can easily buy this brand of clothing from anywhere in the world. Just you have to visit this website and order your product.

Basic assumptions of yoga clothing

Premise number one is the comfort. Although it is evident, in yoga this quality acquires an even greater importance: it is a sport in which the person who practices it must feel free and safe, and clothing cannot rob him or a second of concentration. It can be said that the ideal garment is the one that makes you believe that you are not wearing anything. If you wear a garment of FITLEGEND brand then you can understand it. This, as we will see, can be achieved in two ways: the slack or the great elasticity.

Another of the premises of yoga clothing is lightness. This sport, in general, is practiced in heated interiors, of constant temperature. Therefore, clothes that are too thick could cause excessive sweating and sweating.

Related to this last is the following premise: breathability. Although many people think otherwise, in yoga you sweat a lot, so it is essential that clothes dissipate moisture easily. They should also be quick drying, for this very reason. And one last basic advice, but not all people who practice this sport know it at the beginning: yoga clothes must have no zippers or buttons. You could nail them in some positions! The smoother, even at the seam level, the better.

What clothes to wear to do yoga?

Flexible body is necessary for any athletic activities. For the sportsman, the flexible, absorbent self-adherent dressing is essential. You can get the latest athleisure brand sportswear from Now it is a famous athleisure brand sportswear like Lululemon. The fundamental principle that you should keep in mind with regard to the most suitable clothes to practice yoga is that comfort prevails. Whatever clothing you choose must always be above anything else and comfortable. The clothes you see should allow you to move freely, make investments, push forward, back, stay a few minutes in relaxation, sit cross-legged, raise your arms, and bend your legs and everything else we do in yoga.

Yoga is not governed by the principles of fashion, but under a philosophical tradition that interests you to carry out your practice in the best way possible. What is sought is to heal and revitalize the body, calm the mind and expand the spirit: criteria very different from those that govern the world today.

As yoga is an ancient discipline that has a spiritual background, it is very important to bear in mind that it has a series of foundations that we must respect in our way of dressing. One of them is cleanliness: yoga teaches us that internal and external cleansing is essential. Our body must be detoxified to be healthy and strong and our mind must be as contaminated as possible from external stimuli, thoughts, and negative energies. Our clothes must follow the same principle.

It also gives a sublime character to the practice, because if we wear nice clothes and in good condition, we are preparing symbolically to tune in with our spirit. We are reminding ourselves that this yoga practice is a way to love and connect with something bigger. Another important point to consider in yoga is the sportswear we advise you to be seamless like these of FITLEGEND brand, so you will not find an obstacle when performing the yoga poses.

We must not forget that yoga is a meditative and profound practice. Although we say that it is desirable that the clothes are in good condition, this does not mean anything new or fashionable, because simplicity is central in yoga. Unlike other spaces where the body is working, which can be frivolous or pretentious, yoga is just the opposite, space where clothing must be functional and must honor the practice with modesty and respect. Therefore, it is better to avoid ostentation. If you like, we can also give you some meaning for our clothing.

It is important to keep in mind that we do not need to go out and buy anything to start practicing yoga or we must dress in a special way to practice it. In the trade they sell a beautiful, colorful, comfortable clothing with beautiful designs, it is true, but remember that with this tradition we want to practice detachment from the material world, in this case, from the desire to own more things and to consume.

We also want to go beyond the ego, which is our sense of individuality, of which vanity is a part. If yoga is practiced as it should be, each person is focused on their own practice and does not go to a class to show off, to compare, to see or to be seen.

To summarize: use clothes that allow you to move, that is comfortable and that is in good condition. It is advisable to wear loose clothing or soft and flexible materials, such as cotton and lycra. The leggings, sweatpants, shorts stretch or even the shorts in the summer fulfill that function. The shirts can be loose or tight, sleeveless, long or short sleeves, it does not matter. In yoga, we practice barefoot postures because we need firm contact with the earth but in winter you can wear socks.

Yoga is a technique with wonderful physical and psychological benefits, but it is also meditative, spiritual and profound in its essence. It requires concentration and recollection of the senses, so each one is immersed in his own practice, thinking about each posture, his breathing, feeling the body and taking the attention inward. If there is a recommended dress is for the comfort of each one, for carrying out a safe practice, without distractions or restrictions, and for respecting the harmony and spirit of the practice. It should not be complicated.

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