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Leggings, Crop-tops, sneakers- Oh my! A list of athletic brands for every woman!


Ladies, I swear the older I get the more my closet is transitioning from the club to the gym…and by gym I mean athletic apparel that I use to lounge around the house or buy groceries with.

Don’t get me wrong, I work out sometimes, but those times are just not often. The random monthly morning trips I take to Planet Fitness include a reused Poland Springs water bottle, my apple headphones and most importantly my favorite leggings.

When picking out a good pair of leggings or dry fit, aside from price, the most important is quality and fit. Have you ever tried to run in bagging leggings?

One word, MISERABLE.

Have you ever tried to take a hot yoga class with a non-absorbent bra? Two words (literally and figuratively)- HOT.MESS.

To avoid the awkward pit stains or the unintended chub-rub from that extra 30 minutes of Zumba, NYgal presents to you the top 5 best athletic apparel.

FitLegend Apparel

Price Range $$

One of the newer athletic companies on our list is FitLegend Apparel. It’s Aero Tummy Control and moist-wicking material says to provide runners and yogi’s a more comfortable fit and ventilation for all their workout needs.

The website offers a more limited collection catering to only sizes XS to XL, but it is reasonably priced and good quality.

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