Yoga has a lot of health benefits. 

Yoga involves various physical postures, exercises, breathing techniques and meditation that help improve overall health. A thousand years ago, yoga was developed as a spiritual practice.

The yoga poses are known as “asanas”. There are 12 basic asanas i.e. headstand, shoulder stand, plough, fish, sitting forward bend, cobra, locust, bow, spinal twist, crow, standing forward bend and triangle.  There are also different styles of yoga and vary from mild to intense yoga.

Below are 5 benefits of practicing yoga. 

  1. One can achieve improved flexibility and better coordination through yoga. With constant stretching practice, one can achieve flexibility to help reduce issues related to the muscles and connective tissues. It corrects bad posture especially of people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Due to poor lifestyle, bad posture often results in neck pain or muscle strain.  Yoga also improves focus and coordination because yoga involves all senses at the same time.
  2. Yoga strengthens the muscles and prevents various conditions such as back pain, arthritis, and other joint issues. It protects the spine and backbone issues by preventing degeneration. The spinal cord is kept in balance and keeps the discs in place.
  3. Yoga helps overall health. The contraction and relaxation of body muscles increase lymph fluid which boosts immunity to help the body fight infections and cancerous cells. In addition, the corpse pose helps hypertensive people by lowering blood pressure.  Stress is also an important contributor to depression. Yoga lowers the cortisol level which triggers stress and sadness.  Blood circulation is improved by yoga resulting in more balanced oxygen levels which boosts hemoglobin levels in the blood.
  4. Yoga is great for losing weight and improves muscle toning. Don't ever imagine that yoga is just about rolling the mat to do light body stretches. Yoga involves physical strength especially those that involved the larger muscle group or movements like the vinsaya flow. 
  5. The National Sleep Foundation says that yoga results in better sleep and should be adopted by people suffering from insomnia. Just before bedtime, you can incorporate the LEGS UP THE WALL, CORPSE POSE and LYING BUTTERLY. 

Go to the nearest yoga studio and get help from a yoga teacher to kick off the new lifestyle. 


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