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News reports suggest that the athleisure market is now worth USD44bn and growing. FORBES MAGAZINE said that "with on-the-go and time-pressed consumers seeking a more active lifestyle and wanting to look good all the time, this hot trend may not be cooling any time soon."  The athleisure market includes yoga pants, sports bras, gym shirts, shoes, sneakers and many more.
Merriam-Webster: casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use
  • In the world of fashion, 2014 has become the year of “athleisure.” The term, if you haven't already heard it, has been used in recent years to describe a rising and broad category of apparel that is basically clothing which can work for athletic pursuits, leisure time or both. Think yoga pants and hoodies with a bit of elevated design that looks good in or outside the gym. The trend may have started with the fleece and nylon tracksuits in the 1980s … —Nedra Rhone,  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  13 Oct. 2014
  • Even if you've never heard the word “athleisure,” chances are good you've spotted the trend on the streets of Charlotte. It's stylish activewear, designed to be as comfortable for running errands as it is for actual running—but chic, too. Chic enough, some say, to wear to work. —Aleigh Acerni,  The Charlotte (North Carolina) Observer,  18 Mar. 2015
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